A New Normal?

We are definitely in strange territory. Many people, including myself, have gone from spending 50+ hours a week in an office at work to spending 0 hours at the office. For our children, they have went from spending 8-10 hours a day with their friends at school and extra-curricular activities to spending 0 hours a day with their friends. The world as we know it is completely and forever changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a Christian we have a couple of options going forward. When our world and our lives return to what we once called normal, we can choose to return to our same old routine. For most of us, our old routine was dominated by one word, “BUSY”. We get busy at work trying to provide for our family. We get busy in extra-curricular activities with our kids and other kids. We get busy with our hobbies. We get busy with sports that we enjoy. While none of these are inherently bad, there is something BIG that is missing. Our personal relationship with Jesus.

In preparation for our Tuesday night devotion I really felt God speaking to my heart. I believe with everything in me that God wants to use our current crisis to allow us to push the reset button on our relationship with Him. In the past week I have seen social media flooded with people sharing the gospel and singing praises to Jesus. More than I have since I have been a part of social media. God is moving in our midst in a mighty way. I have seen families enjoying each other’s company doing the “simple things” in life. This is the other option we have moving forward.

What if this new reality became normal? What if we spent more time proclaiming the gospel and less time doing “other things”? What if we spent more time enjoying the “simple things” with our family instead of packing every activity under the sun in our schedule? I really think we “mean well” when we are busy but in doing so we neglect the most important thing while we are here on earth. Our relationship with our Father in heaven.

Over the next few weeks I am personally doing a reset. I am also going to be sharing my reset journey with our youth. Romans 12 gives us a very specific plan for our relationship with God and what it means to be a disciple of Christ. I have challenged the youth to read Romans 12 every day for the next several weeks. If you have read to the end of this, I challenge you to the same. I also ask you to pray for our youth at Elam. We are meeting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening at 7pm through a web application called Zoom. We are able to see each other and share with each other. God Bless. JP